Social Media Design 5 Effective Tips

Social Media Design

If you are a small business owner, you are probably tired of all of the various online technologies that you have to keep up with today. There is website design, SEO and social media marketing to name just a few. With all of these different marketing mediums, it is important to ensure that you are firing on all cylinders across all platforms. In this post we will focus on what you can do to streamline your social media design.

Social Media Design Tips

1. Keep Your Content FreshSocial Media Design

Ensuring that your social media platforms are regularly producing fresh and dynamic content is important.  After creating content for your social media profiles ask some of your friends to read your content.  Are they interested in what you have to say?  If not, you need to up your content game.

2. Know The Correct Sizes

Images are key for engagement across social media platforms.  Use the following image size guidelines to keep your social media profiles looking consistent.

  •  Avatar of 180 x 180 pixels (will display at 160 x 160) Cover Photo of 851 x 351 pixels
  • Avatar of 400 x 400 pixels (will display at 200 x 200) Cover Photo of 1500 x 500
  • Avatar of 250 x 250 pixels Cover Photo of 1080 x 608 pixels


3. Create Consistency Across Social Media Profiles

Whether it is your website or any of your social media profiles, your brand should always remain consistent.  MDS Drug Detox does a great job of this across all of their social media platforms:


4. Use Images As Much As Possible

Adding images to your social media posts has been showed to create more engagement amount users.  Twitter has said that tweets containing pictures are retweeted an average of 35% more than those without.  Social media design is a huge way that businesses can help to get their content seen by more potential customers, which should then lead to more business.

5. Market To Local Areas

If you are serving a local market, you should be doing everything you can to reach more people in your local area.  Using location based hashtags and local images are great ways to engage the local community.  Local SEO can also benefit significantly from proper locally targeted social media campaigns.

Contact Savior Image Web Design For A Social Media Audit

Do you feel like your social media design is going nowhere?  Have no fear, Savior Image Web Design would be glad to offer a free, no obligation consultiation to analyze all of your social media profiles.  Give us a call today at (586) 524-8255.

Scott is a graduate of College for Creative Studies, a native to the Metro Detroit area and has established himself among the local business world as a source for website design, internet marketing, and professionally designed print material. Currently has welcomed a son into the world and lives in Clinton Township, MI.

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