Web Design Trends That Can Hinder SEO Efforts

Web Design Trends And Decisions

If you have followed website design trends over the past few years, you have almost certainly heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  While there have been a large number of new web design trends that have gained in popularity over the past few years, not all of them have been beneficial from an SEO standpoint.  In this post we will showcase a few of the trends that can impact SEO.

Responsive Web Design

Web Design Can Hurt Your SEOWhile this type of web design was once referred to as mobile web design, this term has now largely been replaced with responsive web design.  This is because websites are moving towards one Internet presence that is optimized based on the viewer’s device.  This means that a device will look different on a smartphone versus a computer and a tablet, but the website itself will be the same.  Google and other search engines have been known to penalize SEO rankings for sites that have a separate mobile site.

Parallax Web Design

You may not have heard of the term Parallax web design, but you have surely seen evidence of this website design technique all over the Internet.  This design trend focuses on unlimited scrolling web sites as opposed to a nested website with hierarchical menus.  This type of web design is inherently bad for SEO purposes.  While it may look great, very few Parallax web sites are optimized correctly for search engines.

User Interface

When you are building a website, user interface should be considered throughout the design process.  Partnering with a company that can help you layout an effective user interface will allow you to convert more of your web visitors into paying customers.  With SEO, user interface may not be as important, but in reality you are creating your website for people first and search engines second.  If your users are not impressed with your content there is no reason to rank high with the search engines.

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