Keys To Creating A Winning Marketing Message

Marketing Message For Your Business

When it comes to running a small business, your marketing message is likely one of the most important ways for you to define your target customer and to ultimately grow your business.  The problem is that many small businesses owners do not have a clue about what a marketing message even is and much less how to create a message that will reach their ideal customer base.

In this post, we will clear up the definition of a marketing message and help you understand how to create one for your company.

What Is A Marketing Message?

3 Marketing Message Mistakes When MarketingYour marketing message is how you grab your potential customer’s attention.  An effective message needs to solve a problem for your potential customer base and reiterate why your customers should trust you in the first place instead of  your competitors.

Use the following steps to craft a winning marketing message.

Steps To Creating An Effective Marketing Message

  1. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors – One of the most important parts of your marketing message is how you are different from your competitors.  Whether this is your top-notch customer service or a unique product, relaying this information to your customers is vital.
  2. Determine Your Target Market – Finding your target market is vital to creating a great marketing message.  Once you have determined your target market, you can then tailor your message to this market.  Whether you offer a product or service, you no doubt have a target market and finding it can unlock the keys to your business success.
  3. Find The Problems Of Your Target Market – Once you locate your target market, you must find out the types of problems that they are experiencing.  Identifying this pain point is the crux of your entire marketing campaign.
  4. Solve Your Target Market’s Problem – After identifying the problems facing your target market, you must cater your marketing message to solve the problem of your customers.  Finding a solution and showing it directly to your customers will show them how they stand to benefit from working with your company.
  5. Show Other Success Stories – Finally, showing potential customers that you have solved similar problems for other clients will allow you to build credibility among your target market.


Need Help Crafting A Marketing Message?

If you are still unclear as to whether you have an effective marketing message, contact the marketing pros at Savior Image Web Design.  We can sit down with you to discuss your marketing strategy and tweak it to reach your target market.  Give us a call today at (586) 524-8255 or fill out our contact form to reach us via email.

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