4 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are having a web design company develop your site or you are trying to design it on your own, there are several website design mistakes that many people make without even knowing it.  While these tips may not always be obvious, hopefully they will save you a bit of time as you launch your website.

Website Design Mistakes Slow Your Website’s Speed

A recent Moz article talks about the importance of website speed in relation to SEO.    Google is becoming much more interested in website speed than flashy graphics.  While Google looks at thousands of different factors to determine where your site ranks, page speed is becoming a determining factor.  If you are having trouble with the speed of your site, you may want to look at a CDN such as MaxCDN which can greatly increase the speed of your site.

Pesky Popups

You may think that those popups on your site that invite people to buy your products or signup for your email list are enticing, but the reality is that users do not want to be barraged with these tactics.  You want to establish a strong rapport with your customers which will then allow them to want to buy your products.  One of these website design mistakes is force feeding potential customers through things like flashy popups and this is not a good way to gain customers. There is a fine line between marketing your business and really pushing it to far. Have your family and friends read through the copy and experience your website and see if they find it easy to read and enjoyable.

Gaudy Design

You want your website to be memorable, but you do not want your graphic design to be so bold and loud that your users are turned away.  Designing a website that is classy, yet informative will ensure that your users are able to appreciate your product offerings as opposed to being stuck looking at your busy website design. Sometimes you can find website design templates that are easy on the eyes, but usually it takes an experienced and tested website designer to help you avoid this website design mistake

Forgetting About The Mobile Audience

Correct Website Design Mistakes Made For Mobile Responsive

If You Are Reinvesting In A New Website For Your Business Make Certain That The New Design Will Look Great On A Phone And Tablet.

Many people spend far more time on their website that will be viewed by pc users and totally forget about how their site will look on mobile devices.  This one of the major website design mistakes business owners are making due to the fact that as of 2014, more Internet users in the US are browsing the Internet from their mobile devices as opposed to their computers.

This means that companies of all sizes must ensure that they have a mobile site that works well on all types of smartphones and tablets.  Responsive website design will be one of the areas of growth in web design, as companies begin to realize the importance of reaching customers where they are at anytime.

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