Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs A Blog

When most people think about Ecommerce web sites, the last thing that is on their mind is whether their site should have a blog or not.  An Ecommerce site is typically focused on reaching potential customers and making as many sales as possible.  How does this relate to having a blog?  Well, the answer is that it can correlate directly to the success of your online presence.

5 Reasons Why Ecommerce Websites Need a Blog

  1. Ecommerce Website Using Blog For Better Business OnlineHelps Build Your Brand – As you develop a blog presence online you are instantly building your brand.  With most product pages, you only have a small amount of space to get your point across.  With a blog you can be much more creative and show a part of your company that may be missing within your online store.
  2. More Blog Posts Equal More Entry Points – Each blog post that you publish is a new entry point that someone may find while searching the web.  Maybe you create a post about an interesting topic and potential customers find it through a casual Google search.  Once they are on your site, they may explore what you sell and even make a purpose.
  3. Beneficial for SEO Purposes – The more content that is available on your blog, the more Google has to index when crawling your site.  SEO is one of the most important reasons to consistently blog.  Google loves to see consistent, fresh and unique content on your blog.  This helps to cement yourself as an authority in your field as far as the major search engines are concerned.
  4. Allow Visitors to Share Your Content – The best advertising in traditional business has always been “word of mouth.”  You can think of your blog as a form of “word of mouth” advertising.  When visitors share your content via social media networks, you will instantly see an increase in traffic and hopefully customers.
  5. Build Backlinks – Similar to users sharing your content, they also may link to your content on their own websites.  This creates valuable back links which are extremely powerful for SEO purposes.


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