Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs A Blog

When most people think about Ecommerce web sites, the last thing that is on their mind is whether their site should have a blog or not.  An Ecommerce site is typically focused on reaching potential customers and making as many sales as possible.  How does this relate to having a blog?

Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog

Many businesses do not realize the huge benefits that can be gained by businesses that regularly publish blog posts.  You may think that as a business owner, you do not have anything to say, but this is often not the case.  Blogging can help to boost your SEO rankings for a variety of

Did You Know YouTube Is The 2nd Largest Search Engine?

When most people think about driving traffic to their site, they are focused on how to rise in the rankings on Google through different types of advertising and SEO.  While it is extremely important to be ranked highly on Google, there are other strategies which can help you drive tra

Benefits of Hiring a Website Design Company

Years ago almost anyone could do their own website design and not have to worry about how their website design may effect their SEO, web traffic or customer engagement.  This was back in the days when most sites were coded in simple HTML and there was very little web traffic from mobi

Top Local SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

A recent Forbes article, features some top strategies that are extremely important for small businesses. Before we go into these tips, let’s spend a bit of time discussing Local SEO. What is Local SEO? Local SEO is simply the process of optimizing your site to rank higher in local sea

Royalty Free Images Found Through Google Searches

Searching Google For NON Copyrighted Images When writing content online, it is no longer just about creating high quality content.  Now, search engines are beginning to search web content for high quality images and ranking these sites higher than other sites which focus only on text.

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