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Google Search For Royalty Free Images

Searching Google For NON Copyrighted Images

When writing content online, it is no longer just about creating high quality content.  Now, search engines are beginning to search web content for high quality images and ranking these sites higher than other sites which focus only on text.  This means that even if your site has loads of high quality content, if you are not using images effectively, you could end up with very little traffic despite your killer content.  While in Google’s eyes, Content is still King, images are increasingly becoming more important online and royalty free images can help your efforts.

So, if images are so important to SEO, the question becomes where do you get these images from?  As is the case with many problems online, Google has recently made it easier than ever to find free, royalty free images.  This simple tool should make website design companies around the world applaud with excitement and personal bloggers who needs royalty free images!  Below we will go through the steps of using Google to find a plethora of royalty free images which can be used on your website without attribution or license.

Steps To Use Google Advanced Image Search

  1. Navigate to the Google Advanced Image Search.
  2. Insert your search terms.
  3. Pay special attention to the usage rights drop down option.  Here you will see a variety of options.  The two options that you should focus on using for royalty free images are, “free to use commercially, free to share” and “free to use, free to share or modify, including commercially.”  Obviously if you intend to modify the image you should use the second option.  Otherwise you can choose the first option.
  4. Ensure that you have entered all of your information correctly and click Advanced Search.
  5. You should now see a large number of images which are free for you to use.  Here is one image that we quickly found by searching for Logo Design:

Royalty Free Images Like Logo Design

Finding Royalty Free Images Has Never Been Easier

As you can see, using Google’s Advanced Image Search, you can easily find a variety of images that will allow you to dress up your content without worrying about someone coming after you for copyright infringement.  Google understands that it has been difficult in the past to easily find images that could be used without license.  Using this new tool from Google, you should never have to worry about finding an image for your site.

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