Web Design Trends To Look for in 2014 – Part 1

Web Design Trends

If you have followed website design trends for any length of time, you realize that web technologies are changing all the time.  This makes it difficult for business owners to keep up to ensure that their web sites are on the cutting edge when it comes to web design as well as SEO and other factors which help to generate business.  In this next series of blog posts we will showcase some of the latest technologies that have been popular in 2014 and will continue to be important in the near future.

Top Web Design Trends For 2014

  1. New Web Design Trends And Features In 2014Large Hero Areas With Little Text – In the past sliders were all the rage when it came to website design.  Sliders have now become not quite as popular and been replaced by what are called hero areas.  These are typically large graphic backgrounds which take up the majority of the users screen.  The graphics may feature a small amount of text, but the primary attention is drawn to the large image at the top of the website.
  2. Flat Design – With Apple’s release of iOS7, Apple decided to go with a much more flat design approach to their operating system.  This meant that the majority of graphic design revolving around the OS was completely flattened.  Gone were the drop shadows and gradients.  This created an OS that was much crisper and simpler.  As is often the case, when Apple changes something, the rest of the world soon follows.  In response to Apple’s flat design approach more sites are beginning to use this same flat design style.
  3. More Attractive Typography – In the past, website design was more about the graphic design as opposed to the typography on a site.  In 2014, this was no longer the case.  Companies are now choosing to create simpler sites with more catchy or attractive typography.  This typography is also being used in logo design as well to further promote a company’s brand image.  Designers are now starting to weave a bit of personality into the types of fonts that they choose for websites.

Next week, we will cover several more web design trends which have been hot in 2014 and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Here are some websites we designed with the latest responsive technology and newest website designs: MDS Drug Detox, Sips Gastropub In Washington MI and here’s a site for the Best Website Designs.

Contact Savior Image Web Design To Implement Some Of These Hot Trends

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