Web Design Trends To Look For In 2014 – Part 2

Web Design Trends

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Last week, we looked at 3 of the top web design trends which have become popular in 2014.  Companies looking to keep their website relevant should pay close attention to these trends and partner with a web design company that is well versed in the latest trends and technology.  This week we will showcase 3 more web design trends that should help with customer retention and SEO.

Emerging 2014 Web Design Trends

  • New Web Design Trends And Features In 2014Focus On Mobile Users – If there is any trend that you take away from this series of web design articles, this should be the one!  Mobile web use has exploded over the past few years.  In fact, more than half of all web browsing is currently done from mobile phones or tablets.  This means that if you are not catering to this segment of users, you are missing out of significant sales.  Gone are the days where a simple mobile plugin was enough to appease your mobile users.  Now it is important to have a website that utilizes responsive website design and will look perfect regardless of device.  This is also becoming increasingly important for SEO purposes as well.
  • Long Scrolling Websites – If you’ve browsed the internet much as of late, you have likely seen more scrolling sites as opposed to sites with intricate menus.  Sites are now utilizing more white space and are carefully organized to be pleasing to the eye.  It takes a talented web designer to properly design a scrolling site so that it is not penalized for SEO issues.
  • Video In Place Of Text – Another strategy to reach mobile users is through videos in place of text on websites.  Some successful marketing launches such as Coin have utilized a video in the hero area instead of text.   With more people pressed for time, videos offer consumers a way to ingest content without having to read every word of text on a website.


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Savior Image Web Design has successfully implemented a variety of responsive websites optimized for mobile devices as well as long scrolling web sites.  We also have produced a large number of videos to be featured on our clients websites as well with the help of our production and graphic design team.  For more information on how you can redesign your website to generate more traffic and ultimately more business, give us a call today at (586) 524-8255.  We look forward to partnering with you to take your web presence to levels you never imagined.

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