Web Design Trends To Look for in 2014 – Part 3

Web Design Trends

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Over the past few weeks, we have been showcasing some of the top website design trends for 2014.  These trends are great reminders that web design is constantly changing and companies that think their website from 5 years is still on the cutting edge when it comes to SEO and graphic design, are likely quite mistaken.  This week we will showcase 4 additional trends to watch out for this year.

Top Website Design Trends To Watch This Year

  1. New Web Design Trends And Features In 2014Simple Color Schemes – In years past, the more color the better when it came to web design.  This is no longer the case.  Many companies are designing sites with only one or two colors to go along with a more iPhone inspired “flat design.”  Internet users and search engine spiders alike have grown tired of complex website design and much prefer simpler designs which are more easily viewed across devices.
  2. Losing The Sidebar – Another trend in web design is to completely lose the sidebar on many blog type sites.  This allows for easier web design and a better form factor for mobile devices.  This allows the reader to focus more on the content as opposed to busy design which can significantly slow down website speed a factor that ties directly to SEO.
  3. Simpler Content – As our attention spans continue to get smaller, websites are using small bursts of content to capture the interest of the reader as opposed to extremely long pieces of content.  While in-depth articles still have their place online, shorter content blurbs are seeing more popularity.  Think of this as short blurbs of content similar to Twitter posts.
  4. Manipulated Images – While large images have been popular in header sections of websites for years, in 2014 look for more manipulated images which feature intricate color overlays and other filtering effects as opposed to simple unedited images.  Much of this popularity can be attributed to some of the filters available on Social Media sites like Instagram.


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